aka Waffles, Waff, Kat, Lina, Purffles

  • I live in The planet of Waffle-upiter
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Eating waffles and ice cream out of a carton awwing at seddie moments
  • I am Neither. I'm a purple waffle.
  • Purplewaffles13

    OK. THIS IS NOT A GAME. IT IS A SOPHISTICATED STORY SIMILAR TO THE HUNGER GAMES (Of course I can't write as good as the author and script writer)

    Lola woke up. "Mother?" she asked sleepily.

    "Yes. I am right here next to you. Don't worry. You have a fever. Go back to sleep" mother replied. But that was the last she ever heard of her mother.

    Lola was still terribly ill, but she went to go look for her mother, whom she hadn't seen for days. "Mother?" she called as what seemed a million times. She creeped upstairs, the old wooden stairs creaking. "Lily?" Lola called to her little sister. She was asleep, hugging a teddy bear.

    Lola walked in, and crouched beside Lily's bed. "Lily?" Lola stroked her blonde hair. "Are you awake?" Lily opened her eyes …

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  • Purplewaffles13

    HEYYY! Purfle here :] IM MAKING AN ADVICE COLUMN!! if you need advice, post your problem in the comments. I can help you! BYEEE!

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