Life isn't easy. Heck, nobody said it was. It's something everybody goes through, but what I went through was the worst. My name is Blonde Sakar and this is my diary. Once upon a time there was a girl named Sarah she was dorky,nerdy and wierd. People laughed and joked about her. It was very painful. Sometimes when she came home she would go straight to her bed and cry. But one day that changed, she stood up for herself. One Monday morning she walked into school and start being tough,so tough that the bullies were scared of her some of them tried to stay as far away as they could. thats when she got confidence,ecoragment and strength. Now she inspires her small town community and a lot of other kids who are getting bullied.

====This Fiction story was created by AwesomeSauce98 and Carly101. If you want to create a story with me Go to my profile Carly101. ====

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