Make up is somthing almost every girl uses. anyways here's how to use make up and tips! :)

  1. Lipstick - Always remember, The brighter the color the bigger your mouth looks, The darker the color the smaller your mouth look. If your going "basic" on Lipstick use a fun and playful light pink, and also lipstick cannnot be used more thann 2-3 weeks.
  2. Never share your makeup. Thats spreding germs
  3. Keep your face very clean after your done wearing makeup. Wash your face when your done. if you don't thats just going to make you have ance.
  4. Blush - Remember to put on a small amount
  5. Mascrara- Get a color that works for you. & never over use!!. Mascrara only lastest 4 a month!!!

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